From your mobile phone, click this icon to be connected to the Law Enforcement Helpline

The call is handled by a dispatcher at MERS (Medical Emergency Radio System). The dispatcher will ask for a phone number where the caller can be reached, and then will contact the on-call Police Peer who will provide follow-up contact with the caller within 15 minutes.

To email the Law Enforcement Helpline, fill out the information below and click "Send".  See disclaimer below.


The web page or contact form is not

continually monitored.

If you need immediate assistance

contact the helpline at 858-2677

This webpage is designed for general information about the Law Enforcement Helpline. If you have an emergency or need immediate assistance from the Helpline please DO NOT use this website. It is monitored periodically Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Any emergencies should be directed to the Helpline at 716-858-COPS (858-2677).