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Q: How long has the Law Enforcement Helpline been in existence?

A: The Law Enforcement Helpline began operation on February 1, 2008 on a 24/7 basis.

Q: Who funds the Helpline?

A: The Helpline is funded by donations only. To date, contributors include PBA's, the Erie County Chiefs of Police Association, the Erie County Law Enforcement Foundation, the WNY Police Foundation, Niagara Interfaith Chaplaincy and private donors.  

Q: Who can call the Helpline?

A: The Helpline is available to working or retired law enforcement officers, corrections officers, dispatchers, and family members of these professionals.

Q: How can a Law Enforcement Peer or Family Peer be contacted?

A: Information and assistance can be obtained by calling 716-858-COPS (2677). The call is handled by a dispatcher at MERS (Medical Emergency Radio System). The dispatcher will ask if you wish to speak to a Law Enforcement Peer or a Family Peer.  The dispatcher will then ask for a phone number where the caller can be reached, and then will contact the on-call Peer who will provide follow-up contact with the caller within 15 minutes.

Q: Are calls confidential?

A: YES, all information is kept in strict confidence unless the caller is suicidal, homicidal, or at risk for harming a child.

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